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Luggage Cover (With Belt)

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    • Make a statement wherever you go with our eye-catching print designs. Whether you prefer bold geometric patterns, nature-inspired motifs, or classic abstract art, our luggage cover offers an array of options to suit your unique style.
    • The luggage cover features a hassle-free application process. Simply slip it over your suitcase and adjust the belt for a secure fit. The integrated belt not only adds an extra layer of security but also prevents the cover from slipping during transit.
    • Product Size is as follows. S code for 18”-20”,M code for 22”-24”, L code for 26”-28”, XL code for 30”-32”.

Size Guide


inch S M L XL
Height 22-23.6 26.8-28.3 28.7-30.3 31.5-33
Width 15.7-17.3 17.7-19.3 24-25.6 26.4-28


centimeter S M L XL
Height 56-60 68-72 73-77 80-84
Width 40-44 45-49 61-65 67-71


Because the material of the suitcase cover is an elastic material, it is normal for the size to have a 3-5cm error