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Bread Maker Emotional Light

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The Bread Maker Emotional Light is the perfect addition to any home. This unique light allows you to express yourself with creative designs that add a bit of personality to your space. With built-in 2022 Creative LED lights, it will provide a gentle, mesmerizing ambient light for your living room or office. It also has dimming and USB charging functions, so you can easily adjust the light's brightness level and connectivity as needed. The compact size makes it easy to take this special light anywhere you go.

The Bread Maker Emotional Light is perfect for anyone looking for a personal touch in their decor. Its colorful LED lights make it a great mood enhancer or conversation starter, while its no-hassle switch means you won't have to fumble around trying to figure out how to turn it on. It's also made with high-grade components that are designed to last and make it an ideal gift for friends or family members who value quality and style. No matter what your age or style preference is, this charming light will be sure to add chic sophistication to any home!


Product parameters:Product Model: BD-NL-16 Product material: ABS, HLPC Product size: 134×54×98mm Packing size: 138×56×105mm Light color temperature: 3000K warm light Battery capacity: 800mAh Rated power: 3WInterface type: Type-CCharging time: 2.5 hours Battery life: 6 hours high light, 120 hours low light Function: warm light night light + step-less dimming + 15 minutes timed light off 

Instructions for use: 1. Lever switch, short dial - switch light, long dial - adjust brightness, double click - timer 15 minutes

2. Not only a night light function but also a high-value ornament

3. Soft light is comfortable and comfortable, and enjoy quiet time

4. Support charging, 2.5H charging, 6 hours of high brightness, 120 hours of low brightness, get rid of the trouble of electricity consumption